Into-Plane Fuelling

Every minute of the day or night, somewhere in the world, Skytanking is fuelling an aircraft safely and efficiently. Skytanking’s into-plane service covers all kinds of aviation activity:

  • long-haul, short-haul, commuter flights and general aviation
  • cargo or passenger services 
  • fuelling with static carts, hydrant dispensers or bowsers trucks up to 85 m3 (22,000 gallon) capacity 
  • working for the largest airlines and oil companies in the world.

Airport Storage and Hydrant Management

Skytanking operates airport fuel storage and hydrant systems that we own ourselves but we also operate fuel systems owned by oil companies, airlines or airports.

These include large storage and hydrant systems at international airports such as Munich, Brussels and Indianapolis, to regional airports like Ostend and El Paso.